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Modern parents are eager to see their children well-dressed and they have a quite long list of requirements for the clothes they buy. They need stylish, accessible clothes of a high quality. Today in Russia there is an alternative to expensive children clothes of world-famous brands. The purpose of our company is to present new trends and tendencies in children fashion.

In 2002-2007 Nevsky Alliance Ltd. concluded exclusive contracts for promotion of children clothes of "Motion Wear" (Netherland), "Max Collection" (Sweden), "N-Joy" (Germany), "Barbie"(UK), "Hot Wheels" (UK), "MeToo" (Denmark); and children shoes of "Barbie"(Italy), "Hot Wheels" (Italy), "Polly Pocket" (Italy), "Fisher-Price"(Italy), "United Colors of Benetton" (Italy) and Lego (Switzerland) in Russia. These trade marks have been represented and wide spread in many countries all over the world. At the moment there are over 300 clients in 150 cities in Russia working with them. The clients accommodate orders in our offices both in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

While developing the project we constantly take part in the most important Russian exhibition: "Collection Premiere Moscow", "ShoesAccess", "World of Childhood" (Mir Detstva).

We kindly invite new suppliers of fashion and high-quality children clothes to co-operation. Our company has professional team and big experience in promotion of new trade marks at the Russian market.

Our contacts:
Tel/Fax in Saint-Petersburg: +7 (812) 209-1775

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